The Horizons


What are the approximate prices?

Typically, our prices are as follows;

  • Winter Weekday: £960
  • Winter Weekend: £1040
  • Summer Weekday: £1120
  • Summer Weekend: £1200

Prices will differ depending on where the booking is and any additional extras

What additional options are there?

  • Afternoon acoustic set: Perfect for the lull between the ceremony and the dinner
  • Music to accompany the ceremony: Keep the guests entertained whilst they wait for the bride, walk down the isle to a live song on acoustic and vocals, enjoy a song during the register signing and finally an exit song, to leave together to!
  • DJ extention: 1am or 2am. Keep the party going!
  • Hire an additional keyboard player to add more layers!

What are the usual timings?

  • 3pm: Afternoon Set
  • 6.45pm: Arrival & background music
  • 8.30pm: First Dance & Set
  • 10pm: Second Set
  • 11pm: DJ
  • 12am: Finish (1am-2am with DJ extension)


Do you ever play public gigs?

Sometimes, is the best answer. We tend to mainly only fill our calendar with private functions, but if we do have any public dates, they can be found below.

Can you play our first dance?

Usually yes. Send it over to us and we will be able to advise. But it rare we can’t.  

What is your PA?

We use a 2.5kw EV PA system with a digital mixing desk. We mix it from an iPad to ensure you get the best sound possible. It is suitable for up to 150 people. For larger events, we will need to hire a PA company. 

Can I book a 1am or 2am DJ finish?

Yes! Just ask for it!

Where are you based?

We are based in Plymouth. So the majority of our gigs are in Devon & Cornwall, however we do often travel to Somerset, Dorset & Bristol. We sometimes play the rest of the UK or internationally.

What is the afternoon acoustic set?

You can book an afternoon acoustic set which is either solo, duo or trio. It is around talking volume and super chill music. So perfect for background music during the afternoon.