The Horizons

The Band

Kobain Thorpe

Kobain is the man with the sticks, perfectly, executing the beat with energy, passion and a real tight groove. Having grown up playing Indie, Rock & Pop, Kobain sure knows how to drive the band. The Horizons would not be the same without him!

“I have known Kobain for a long time now, but this is the first band we have been in together. He is such a solid drummer with great chops. He seems to be able to keep it simple, yet exciting which is really fun to play with! Especially in this genre!” Ryan, guitar.

Tom Lake

Bassist and lead vocalist Tom fronts the band. Having played in one of the cities biggest bands, Tom not only has the experience, but also has the skill to match. It is his vocals which sets The Horizons apart from most other bands around. Only good things are to come!

“When Tom mentioned about setting up a pro function band, I immediately said yes because I know that anything Tom does, he gives 110%! It also helps that is very good at what he does! Not only keeping the lower end tight, but nailing the vocals too.” Kobain, drums. 

Ryan Curtis

Ryan is the guitarist for The Horizons and his style of playing really, really suits the band! Ryan grew up on those massive indie guitar riffs which make up the majority of the bands setlist. So when the guitar job was available, Ryan was the perfect choice. 

“Ryan just has that tone. That indie tone that makes the genre what it is. Tone is such a difficult one to get right, because a lot of it is in the fingers. Ryan understands that dynamic and absolutely nails it. This band would not be the same without him and it puts a smile on my face everytime I hear him play.” Tom, bass.